How To Register For The Uniform CPA Exam.

A Certified public accountant exam is a thorough assessment put in place by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in America (AICPA). Before a CPA is granted to an applicant, Prospects must pass all four courses. These courses include:

Financial Accounting and Reporting, Business Environment and Concepts, Regulation, and Auditing and Attestation in other to obtain a license as a CPA holder.To become a certified public accountant, prospects need to make a plan to takethe exam. While you are formulatinga plan and setting up a timeline, here are some must follow steps to be put into consideration.On the article below will help to give you guidelines on how to go about it so as not to make mistakes that can be very costly later on.

1. All qualifications must be satisfied. In other to satisfy all that is needed for a CPA exam, you must attain certain demands that has been put in place. For instance, prospect must be 18 years old and above, of good morals and educational, an excellent working experience, must be a graduate of a certified university or college with a Bachelor in Accountancy, prospects must have a Social Security Number and any other demands which may be different within States. Most states requires applicants to behold of a bachelor’s degree, plus some States demands students to have taken a given number of hours per semester in relevant subjects.

2. EmailyourSchool Transcripts

Candidates must provide the Board with their transcript before filling and submitting their CPA application and this transcripts is toclearly indicate the applicantis a holder of a bachelor degree in an accredited university.

2. Send your application and Fees to the Board.

After you must have gone through all what is requested by the board, next thing on the list is to apply for your CPA exam. As to what concerns your application and fees, applicants must pay:

A nonrefundable fee: $ 145.00
Fees to be paid:
Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $ 195.35
Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) $ 176.25
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) $ 195.35
Regulation (REG) $ 176.25

4. Obtain An Authorization To Test (ATT)

As soon as the Accountancy board of your State has approved your application, you will be issued an Authorization ToTest (ATT) which permits you to go in for it. This authorization to test document has a validity periodof 3 months, so it is left for you to decide which testing window you want to take before your authorization to test from the board expires.

After the 3 months given by the board has expired, the money paid for the application of your certified public accountant exam (CPA exam) will be gone to waste and that means paying it all over again. Once you have decided the period to go in for, visit NASBA website and log ontoyour account and pay the exam fees right away. Charges for it may varywithin States as their charges are somewhat different, but is on a range of$180 – $250 for each window. Once your fees is paid,a time frame ofabout three to six weeks will be given for your Notice to Schedule(NTS) to be issued.

5. Obtain Your Notice to Schedule (NTS)

Whatpermits you to takethe exam is the Notice to Schedule (NTS) document. This authorization document gives you access into the Prometricdata base to schedule the particular date to take the exam. As earlier said, the Notice to Schedule has a validity period of six months. Thus, try as much as possible to take advantage of the time period and plan well. From then on, it’s invalid and you’ll need to re-apply all over again.

6. Contact Prometric to Plan for your Exam

With the schedule notice at your disposal, go to the Prometricdata base and plan the particular date to take your CPA exam. It is worth noting that, the exam window Id numberwill be needed from the schedulenotice and your writing center.In other to know which center is far more convenient for you, search for the most convenient center on their website. An excellent guideline is to plan your exam at least a month before. That is a reasonable time to know your plan and favorable enough to get the date right you need. The good news about this exam is, you can also plan your exam at any Prometric center of your choice regardless of which State you reside.

Below is the various Windows of the year

The Exam months are known as “testing windows.”
They are as follows:

January 1 – March 10

Apr 1 – June 10

July 1 – Sept 10

Oct 1 – Dec 10

7. Sit for a Certified Public Accountant exam. Arrive for your scheduled CPA exam window center ready and on time. Be sure to come alongside your NTS and photo, as you won’t be permitted to write without presenting these documents. The next thing to do is to put in sufficient effort and time by taking practice examinations. Once you do that, be sure to be called a CPA holder.

To go in for it, prospects need dedication, endurance, and a whole lot of hard work as well, the rewards no doubt are really worth the time and effort you are investing. Once you become a CPA holder, you will discover you have an exceptional career potential and earning potential. Nonetheless, it all begins with advance planning – so take time to create a plan now, and begin exploring the options you have right away. It is always advisable to read before the writing date. The clock is ticking already. What are you waiting for??